An Additional Opportunity to Expand Yield through Disease Control and Plant Performance

Why an Earlier Application Timing?
Early-season applications of Quadris provide
preventive disease control and enhanced Plant
Performance while the corn leaf and ear shoots are
being determined at the early vegetative stages.

Why Quadris Early?
Quadris moves in the plant to provide more
complete disease protection and Plant Performance
allowing the corn plant to utilize more energy to
produce bigger ears and more kernels around.

Benefits of Quadris
Fungicide Applied Early
• Improves plant growth that results in
higher yields, increases water use
efficiency that helps the plant grow
and preserves green leaf area to help
maximize yield.
• Provides broad-spectrum preventive
disease control even to new plant growth
because of the systemic activity of the
Quadris X-FactorTM.
• Utilizes full, recommended rates to
provide longer-lasting control and
Plant Performance.

Use Recommendations
for Early Applications

Syngenta recommends a full
rate of Quadris fungicide at
6.0 oz/A be applied during the
early vegetative growth stages
for longer-lasting control and
Plant Performance benefits.

The early application may be
followed by Quilt Xcel fungicide at
10.5 oz/A at the R1 growth stage.

Quilt Xcel at 10.5 oz/A can be
used for additional curative
disease control and resistance