ST. LOUIS (February 12, 2014) – Farmers can look forward to maximizing yield potential in 2015 with the most advanced lineup of Asgrow® and DEKALB® products available. These products are the latest, high-performing group to come to market from the brand’s industry-leading breeding program. With the new lineup of products, farmers will have the opportunity to reduce risk and protect their investment through leading traits and the best in plant health.

2015 Asgrow Rock Star Product Lineup Delivers

The Asgrow brand’s powerful lineup of Rock Star products features the industry’s latest soybean trait technology, Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield®. These soybeans are developed and tested in a broad, diverse network of breeding stations to ensure agronomic fit and deliver solution-based products to the farmer. With a comprehensive package of defensive, maturity and standability traits, as well as other characteristics to mitigate adverse growing conditions, Rock Star products continue to outshine the competition.

“With our extensive germplasm library, we are able to give farmers a competitive edge by finding and developing seed products that have desired traits,” said Mike Bachman, Soybean Product Development Manager. “We have confidence in our lineup of Rock Star products and are committed to breeding the best.”

2015 DEKALB Next Class Product Lineup Innovates

The DEKALB brand’s 2015 Next Class lineup will include nearly 40 top products. These products combine leading biotechnology, diverse global germplasm and strong agronomics to offer farmers products with not only the best yield potential, but also better crop protection and improved plant health with greater resistance from diseases and environmental stressors. Through the breeding program, new products are created by tapping an expansive foundation of germpalsm that pulls genetics from more than 30 countries. Breeders are then able to work with the best genetic “ingredients” and diversity possible in an effort to provide top products and solutions to the farmer. With dedication to testing in varying geographies, products are also specifically tailored to each location to optimize performance.

“We are not only proud to be leaders in breeding innovation, but also proud to consistently deliver solutions to our customers, enabling them to increase efficiency on their farm, while producing top yield and profit potential,” said Matt Rowland, DEKALB Product Development Manager. “Our farmers can plant with confidence knowing the Next Class products are well-suited for their particular growing conditions.”

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