AgriGold Partners with Kinze® Manufacturing to Make Multi-Hybrid Planting a Reality

AgriGold is excited to announce that they are collaborating with Kinze Manufacturing, Inc. to conduct on-farm testing of the world’s *rst electric multi-hybrid concept planter in Iowa. The multi-hybrid technology provides farmers with the ability to change the seed hybrid they are planting automatically as the planter moves through the field.

Kinze has developed a true multi-hybrid planter. Two hybrids with different genetic backgrounds can be loaded into the planter and will switch on-the-go based on a multi-hybrid prescription map loaded into the monitor. This planter can also deliver a variable rate seeding prescription.

When making seed placement decisions, farmers often choose hybrids that perform well on the soil type that makes up the majority of the field, leaving pockets of untapped yield potential in areas that vary from the majority. Additionally, due to time restrictions during planting, it is not efficient to stop progress to clean out a planter and change hybrids multiple times in the same field. Variable hybrid planting technology will not only allow for more efficient use of time, but also more effective placement of multiple hybrids in a single field.

Pairing this technology with the genetic family offerings from AgriGold will help growers maximize yields on every acre. AgriGold is working with growers in Iowa utilizing this planter this spring. AgriGold is excited to be involved in testing new technology and their partnership with Kinze. Visit to follow this project throughout harvest.