AgriGold Releases GIANT Twin Row Study

The AgriGold Agronomy Team has recently completed and compiled the results of its 2009 Twin Row Population Study showing a 4.9 bushel advantage over 30 inch rows in all trials.

The agronomic study was developed to determine the impact of twin row planting and population.

AgriGold planted 37 research locations across the corn belt, utilizing 5 hybrids at populations ranging from 28-43,000 plants per acre. They then compared each population in 30 inch rows to twin row planting.

“The overall findings of the study were very positive even in a year when heat and drought stress on plants was minimal” says Agronomy Manager Mike Kavanaugh. “We observed both yield and agronomic responses to increased populations in twin rows versus 30 inch rows.”

The results also showed differences in genetic families and how they respond to twin and 30 inch rows.

“Not all genetics will respond the same to increased population. However, the twin row system provides more rooting area and allows certain genetics to be planted at higher populations over 30 inch rows” says Kavanaugh.

The results have been summarized and published in an AgriGold research book, titled “Genetic Interaction in Twin Row Corn”. A copy of the book can be requested by visiting and emailing the service desk or by calling 800.626.7333. To learn more about the Twin Row Study, other agronomic studies, local yield results or about GIANT hybrids, go to

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