Agrisure® 3000GT triple stack hybrids boosting yields, especially in stressful environments

Agrisure® RW hybrids are accepted tools for boosting yields in corn crops with corn rootworm pressure; however, new data from Syngenta indicates hybrids containing the Agrisure RW trait, such as the Agrisure 3000GT triple stack, may generate incremental yield increases even in the absence of such pest pressure, and especially under stress conditions such as drought.

Syngenta strip trials1 in 2007 and 2008 compared yield performance of either Agrisure 3000GT hybrids or Agrisure CB/LL/RW hybrids to their respective Agrisure CB/LL isolines. Following a crop other than corn and using local best management practices, the hybrids containing the Agrisure RW trait posted an average 3 bu/A gain over their non-rootworm-traited counterparts. The yield gains were even higher in continuous corn situations. There, the Agrisure RW hybrids yielded an average of 4.6 bu/A more than their non-RW comparison hybrids. Managed stress testing environments lead to an even greater yield advantage at 10.6 bu/A2.

Syngenta Agronomy Marketing Manager Bruce Battles cites several factors in the performance of the Agrisure RW hybrids. “Trials indicate hybrids with the Agrisure RW trait appear to have improved yield potential compared to controls under stressful environments without rootworm pressure,” Battles said. “In addition, the data indicates that the Western corn rootworm variant, and the Northern corn rootworm extended diapause, are expanding. As a result, you may have fields where the corn rootworm pressure is either underestimated, or not even acknowledged.”

Agrisure Marketing Manager Tracy Mader said the data prove why sales of hybrids with the Agrisure RW trait have expanded to new or non-traditional geographies. Sales have also expanded because of the recently enhanced Biotechnology Endorsement program, which can help growers in select states qualify for reductions on their federal crop insurance premiums by planting hybrids with approved trait stacks that include the Agrisure RW trait.

Agrisure Corn Traits is a system of high-performance in-seed traits providing resistance to European corn borer (the Agrisure CB/LL trait) and corn rootworm (the Agrisure RW trait) and conferring tolerance to glyphosate herbicides (the Agrisure GT trait) or glufosinate herbicides (the Agrisure CB/LL trait). Growers seeking a triple stack of all Agrisure insect protection and herbicide tolerance offerings can get full protection and weed control flexibility in the Agrisure 3000GT trait stack, which combines all current Agrisure traits.

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