Agrisure Artesian™ technology

Agrisure Artesian technology represents the industry’s first
water-optimized corn technology and is the newest addition to the Agrisure® family of high-performance trait products.

Corn hybrids with Agrisure Artesian technology have the potential to deliver 15% yield preservation under moisture stress.

Base Hybrid     Hybrid with Agrisure Artesian Technology
                Base Hybrid                             Hybrid with
                                                  Agrisure Artesian™ technology


With Agrisure Artesian technology:

  • Western Corn Belt growers can use available moisture more efficiently, resulting in higher yields on water-stressed acres including dryland and limited-irrigation farms.
  • Central and Eastern Corn Belt growers can help stabilize yields in years of inconsistent rainfall or in fields with variable soil types and/or low soil moisture-holding capacity.
  • Hybrids with Agrisure Artesian technology demonstrate no yield drag under favorable growing conditions.



Gene Association Mapping, a Syngenta technology process, allows Syngenta to identify and select multiple genes within the corn genome that have distinctive modes of action and are responsible for drought protection mechanisms in corn. These multiple genes are then introduced into elite germplasm for testing and evaluation in a variety of managed stress environments including dryland, limited irrigated, irrigated and non-irrigated high yield.


Syngenta’s unique multiple modes of action approach allows the plant to yield more under water stress conditions throughout the growing season. Plant performance is enhanced regardless of which stage of development the plant is in when water stress occurs.


A limited number of initial hybrids featuring Agrisure Artesian technology are available for 2011 planting.
Agrisure Artesian drought stress map 2010