Agrisure Corn Rootworm Biotech Trait Approved in Japan

Golden Valley, Minn. - August 23, 2007 - Syngenta announced today that it has obtained full regulatory approval in Japan for Agrisure® RW, its corn rootworm insect control corn seed. Agrisure RW now has full approval in the United States, Canada, and Japan, and import approval in Australia and New Zealand.

Syngenta's innovation in genetics and traits such as Agrisure RW is helping growers meet the rapidly expanding demand for corn. The Agrisure brand spans a wide range of products bringing new choices to growers including Agrisure CB/LL, Agrisure GT, Agrisure RW, Agrisure GT/RW, Agrisure GT/CB/LL, Agrisure CB/LL/RW and Agrisure 3000GT.

In this introductory year, Agrisure RW growers participated in a comprehensive stewardship program to ensure their grain would remain in domestic markets. With this approval, Agrisure RW grain can now be accepted by elevators exporting grain to Japan. However, Syngenta is committed to and will continue to implement the grain stewardship program with growers through the end of 2007. In 2008, Agrisure RW will be part of the seed industry's Market Choices grain direction program.

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