AgVenture Announces Maximum Profit System

AgVenture, Inc. (AVI) has today announced the formal launch of their new Maximum Profit System, a comprehensive approach to helping growers attain greater profitability through achieving unprecedented yield. AgVenture Chief Executive Officer, John Cassidy

said, “The Maximum Profit System is a truly unique strategy developed and designed by AgVenture, Inc. It is a strategic approach to greatly improving yield, driving down cost per bushel produced and ultimately, improving our customers’ overall profitability.”

Jim Groepper, AVI Vice President of Sales and Marketing said, “Central to the Maximum Profit System is yield – unprecedented yield. The Maximum Profit System delivers farmers a unique set of tools that effectively achieve higher yields by bringing together the best and latest converging technologies including seed genetics and traits, accuracy in placement, professional seed personnel support and the latest information technologies.

Groepper explained that the Maximum Profit System is a several year commitment by growers involving multiple tools and strategies to reach new yield levels, drive down cost per bushel and increase overall profitability. AgVenture’s Regional Seed Companies (RSCs) guide growers throughout the process with continued learning through the following:

• AgVenture University - a series of intensive education programs designed provide growers with the best and latest hands-on information and profit strategies

• 300-Bushel Maximum Profit Guides – strategic management practices to dramatically increase APH over the next several years

• Cropography™ - extensively detailed AgVenture Cropping Plans enhanced by detailed, georeferenced data and field history

Groepper noted, “Cropography is a unique tool developed for AgVenture by John Deere Agri Services. It greatly enhances our ability to provide advanced data to growers in developing their Cropping Plans. This distinctive set of technologies allows us to source weather data, field history, geo-referenced soil data, etc. It allows us to maximize the potential of the seed within the grower’s specific environment and individual management practices.”

John Deere Agri Services Vice President of Marketing and Sales Ron Leiker said, “The Cropography system for AgVenture is a tool which provides the producer and the seed consultants with detailed information about soils and climate. It is designed to help them understand their production environment in a highly specific manner, therefore, optimizing results from placing the right genetics in the right environment.” He added, “Helping producer customers improve productivity is core to our business. We’re pleased to work with AgVenture in this endeavor.”

Groepper said, “The Maximum Profit System is both scientific and practical. Our Regional Seed Companies put a great deal of detail into developing an extensive cropping plan for their growers. With the Maximum Profit System, that plan is as precise as possible on every field. Through this collaboration with John Deere Agri Services, Cropography allows us to bring as much information as possible to the individual grower’s cropping plan to drive their profitability to new highs.”

Cassidy stated, “By using these tools together under the Maximum Profit System, our Regional Seed Companies have the right products and technologies available to greatly enhance each customer’s profitability potential. Their dedicated attention to every farm and every field has driven our overall growth, firmly seating AgVenture in the top ten seed companies nationwide. Our ability to engage growers in this philosophy is truly yielding outstanding results.”