Announcing the New IntelliAg® with Trimble AgGPS® Autopilot™ Integration

DICKEY-john announces the release of the IntelliAg® system with compatible Navigation Controller software interface to the Trimble AgGPS® Autopilot™ steering system. The integration of these two systems offers a precision farming solution in a single cab display.

IntelliAg GPS

The Trimble Autopilot is a GPS based control system that automatically steers the vehicle on a line that is +/- 1 inch repeatable when utilizing RTK correctional signal.

The Trimble Autopilot vehicle kits and accessories that interface to the IntelliAg system are available to order direct from DICKEY-john.

These kits contain:

• Vehicle platform kit (required)

• Hydraulic hose kit

• AgGPS252 receiver/radio

• Navigation Controller loaded with IntelliAg specific firmware

• RTK base stations and repeater radios

Key Selling Features/Benefits

The IntelliAg system provides application control for seeding (planters and air seeders), liquid spraying, granular spreading, and anhydrous ammonia. IntelliAg equipped with Trimble Autopilot steering extends your operating hours by reducing operator fatigue and maximizing precision of the rows.

Key selling features and benefits of the IntelliAg/Trimble Autopilot system include:

• Year-to-year accuracy provides +/- 1 inch repeatability of steering lines

• Compatibility with various types of DGPS signals including WAAS, EGNOS, RTK and Omni STAR HP/XP

• AutoSense steering sensor eliminates moving parts and mechanical linkage for wheel position

• Choice of 5 steering swath patterns including AB straight, A+, AB Curve, Headlands, and Pivots

• Single cab display provides simultaneous viewing of application rates and steering information (Figure 2)

• Operator safety alert timeout automatically steers the tractor in a circle in the event the operator does not acknowledge end of row approaching

• Patented Trimble T3™ Technology measures Yaw, Pitch, and Roll to minimize skips and overlaps between each pass when working on rough and sloping fields

• RTK (Real Time Kinematics) Age of Correction - displays radio correctional signal broadcasted by base station to tractor update rate

• Pause feature aids in guiding vehicle back to a position in the field where the job was interrupted

• IntelliAg terminal and application control modules are “plug and play” with OEM implements and tractors that are ISO BUS ready

• Four independent control channel variable rate application

• Four channel material as applied mapping

• Single terminal in the tractor cab to view seeding/material rates, planter monitoring, auto steering information, and control variable rate application

IntelliAg/Autopilot System Applications

• Self propelled sprayers with chemical spraying application

• Row crop planters with liquid fertilizer and spraying application

• Air seeders for application of seed, fertilizer, liquid, anhydrous ammonia

• Self propelled fertilizer spreaders

• Air carts for strip till application

• Anhydrous ammonia applicators

Additional details regarding the IntelliAg/Trimble Autopilot system

Hardware Requirements

• Trimble Autopilot steering system distributed by DICKEY-john will only interface and operate with an IntelliAg system that includes the DICKEY-john A1 Plus 10 inch terminal.

• All Autopilot vehicle platform kits will be shipped with a Navigation Controller pre-loaded with specific IntelliAg firmware and an adaptor cable that allows connection of the Navigation Controller to the IntelliAg CAN system power harness (Figure 1).

• Tractor model VDB files are available on the DICKEY-john distributor partner site for use with the Autopilot/Navigation Controller.