(NAPOLEON, OH) (7/27/2009) --- Seeing is believing. Our agronomist-led programs dig deeper to gain insights and expertise that you can then put to work in your field. Area corn and soybean growers will have an opportunity to see and hear about the latest in seed trait and crop protection technologies as they perform in the field at local Answer Plot® Knowledge Events sponsored by CROPLAN GENETICS® seeds and AgriSolutions™ crop protection products.

“Answer Plot® Knowledge Events are full agronomic tours demonstrating the best available options for maximizing yields in the area,” says Brad Miller, a local Answer Plot® Event representative.

There will be Answer Plot® Knowledge Events will be held throughout August and September at various locations in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. Attendees will have an opportunity to win special promotional prizes, including a grand prize of 1,000 gallons of FREE gas or diesel to be given away at each location (maximum amount at $2.00 per gallon or $2,000). Winners will be drawn at the end of the Sweepstakes Term which goes through September 31, 2009.

Answer Plot® Experts in agronomy will be available to meet with attendees to answer questions about the technology on display, as well as to address each grower’s unique field challenges. Upon request, they will also set up on-farm visits to work one-on-one with growers to develop customized crop production programs.

To find out more about the Answer Plot® Knowledge Events in the area, or to arrange to have an Answer Plot® Expert call you, log on to, or call 1-888-295-3011. The web site also features agronomic and product information.

Growers can also contact Morgan Hoover at [email protected] or the local cooperative for specific event information.