AutoFarm® Central Business System Launched to Support ParaDyme

FREMONT, Calif., Dec. 7, 2009 – AutoFarm announces a new Central Business System, available now, that will provide a unique approach to service technology with the AutoFarm ParaDyme Precision Ag System.

The Central Business System (or CBS) is a Web site that allows AutoFarm and its resellers or dealers to offer customers unique new services that enhance the efficiency and productivity of their new ParaDyme precision farming system.

The ParaDyme system is the industry’s first single system solution to everything precision ag: planter control, application control, yield monitoring, data logging and management, plus hands-free GPS steering via WAAS, EGNOS, OmniSTAR HP/XP, RTK and more. ParaDyme offers unique new built-in features including 100% factory integrated and activated 2-way wireless communications. AutoFarm CBS allows the customer to access these new precision ag applications and services such as AutoFarm RTK ReadyConnect and Remote Real-Time Service.

RTK ReadyConnect provides corrections-by-cell in monthly packages making it a flexible option in areas that have state-sponsored CORS networks. The grower can get RTK accuracy without a base station and without having to deal with third party carriers, monthly billing or contracts from a cell service.

Remote Service via CBS is in real time and this feature is 100% set-up and activated at the factory to eliminate separate cell plans, equipment compatibility, separate contracts, etc.

Remote Service is extremely user friendly: When the grower presses “Call Support,” on the controller touch screen, in the tractor or combine cab, his dealer receives a message alerting them to a service request. If the dealer cannot resolve the service request with a phone call, they can access the grower’s ParaDyme system remotely to resolve the request, in real time. This new feature can dramatically reduce potential costly downtime for the customer because most service requests can be resolved without a field visit by the dealer.

To support CBS and the factory integrated and activated wireless system, AutoFarm currently has over 50 wireless partners across North America, and the list continues to grow to provide the best rural wireless coverage.

“AutoFarm CBS gives customers Remote Service that allows immediate diagnostic capability in the field so they can solve issues in real time,” says Deane Malott, AutoFarm Director of Marketing. “RTK ReadyConnect allows growers to get RTK accuracy without a base station and with the monthly use plan they only use it when they need it.”

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