BASF documents fourth year of consistent disease control and yield advantage for use of Headline® fungicide in corn and soybeans

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, January 28, 2009 – Today BASF reported consistent disease control and yield advantage from the use of Headline® fungicide in corn and soybeans during a four year period of on-farm trials. The increase in yield results for 2008 was especially impressive given the year’s challenging weather conditions and delayed harvest.

Nick Fassler, technical marketing manager with BASF, emphasized the positive early results from the NCGA farm trials.

“We’re excited and encouraged that, despite the extraordinary weather challenges growers were faced with and the delayed harvest, use of Headline continued to show outstanding disease control and consistent yield advantage,” Fassler said.

In farm trials, the Headline yield advantage was 12-16 bu/A in corn and 4-8 bu/A advantage in soybeans. These results have been consistent during the past four years for the 6,000 on-farm, field trials.

Headline is the most researched fungicide on the market and offers excellent disease control and Plant Health benefits, defending crops from stresses due to excessive rain or drought and providing healthier plants, stronger stands and increased yield.

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