BASF launches educational module to highlight disease control and Plant Health benefits of fungicides

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC – BASF Corporation has introduced an online, interactive educational module – The new learning program, customized by region, provides education on disease control, Plant Health benefits and resulting yield advantages of F500®, the active ingredient found in Headline® fungicide,Headline AMP™ fungicide andTwinLine® fungicide.


“This educational session gives growers an in-depth look at F500 and will help growers evaluate the science behind Plant Health and the disease control of these products,” said Nick Fassler, BASF Technical Market Manager. “It lays out key information about fungicides, including disease control, harvest efficiency, and other Plant Health benefits of fungicides.” 


Some of the key F500 features outlined in the educational session include:

  • Control of a wide variety of fungal diseases in corn, soybeans, sugar beets, sorghum, wheat, cotton and peanuts;
  • Increased Plant Health through growth efficiency, disease control and stress tolerance


The multimedia presentation contains questions, visual evidence, grower testimonials, and highlights BASF fungicide research results. The session also offers growers information on how to best incorporate F500 products into their operation, including optimal application timing.  It also shows yield information for various fungicides, including the 4.3 bu/A increase that 2010 university trials found Headline AMP to provide over competitive corn fungicides.


“This session will provide growers with information on how F500 works within their crops to help them get the most out of every acre,” said Fassler.  “One of the benefits of the program is that it can be completed in less than 15 minutes, at the convenience of the individual.”


Those who complete the online educational program will receive a gift from BASF.  For more details on the BASF fungicide portfolio and to learn how fungicides can help control disease and provide Plant Health benefits, visit