BASF leads agriculture in congratulating record-breaking soybean producer Kip Cullers


RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, March 4, 2011 – On behalf of a number of wellwishers
in the agricultural world, BASF U.S. Crop Protection congratulated soybean
yield world champion Kip Cullers during a special presentation today at Commodity
Classic in Tampa, Florida.
Cullers, a corn and soybean grower from Purdy, Missouri, established a new world
soybean production record for the third time with a yield of 160.6 bu/A in 2010,
breaking the previous record he set in 2007 by six bu/A. On Cullers’ entire operation,
his soybean acres regularly yield more than 75 bu/A, which is 35 bu/A higher than
the average Missouri operation.
“Kip has shown time and again that intensive management of soybean acres
provides tremendous results,” said Paul Rea, Vice President, U.S. Crop Protection,
BASF. “In doing so, he’s not only demonstrated the yield protection benefits of
products like Headline® fungicide and Kixor® herbicide technology, he’s also
shown soybean growers across the country that yields they never thought possible
can be attained.”
Cullers used Headline fungicide and Kixor herbicide technology on his worldrecord
yielding soybean contest fields. BASF presented Cullers with gifts commemorating his achievement at Friday’s Commodity Classic presentation – including a book of congratulatory messages gathered through the BASF Crop Protection  Facebook page and Twitter account, and a pictorial of his award-winning operation. Cullers is also featured in the BASF Top Plots video series, which featured his crop protection management strategies for corn and soybeans during the 2010 season. Almost 5,000 members of agriculture’s social network posted messages to Cullers or picked up tips about his crop protection strategies on
Cullers successfully applies strategies from his contest fields for a total systems
approach to his entire farm operation.
“I use fungicide as a preventative, not after you’ve got a disease. Once the problem
is there, you can’t correct it. That’s the reason we use Headline and it goes back to
Plant Health – a happy plant is a plant that’s gonna produce,” explains Cullers. “In
the spring of the year when it’s cool here sometimes it takes two weeks for other
herbicides to ever take effect. With Kixor, you see results in two days. And I like to
see results.”
Headline fungicide provides excellent disease control and Plant Health benefits for
growers, helping maximize yields and growers’ investment. Headline is the nation’s
most researched fungicide, with more than 6,000 on-farm trials in the past six years
showing a number of disease control and Plant Health benefits.
Kixor herbicide technology is specifically designed to solve the toughest broadleaf
weed challenges. Kixor is an ideal solution for ALS, glyphosate and triazine resistant
weeds, providing fast, effective burndown and enhanced residual weed control
across a wide range of crops.
To learn more about the management practices of Kip Cullers and other growers,
please visit the BASF Top Plot series at