BASF Offers Advice for Midwestern Growers Battling Pair of Issues


 In portions of the Midwest, a rough start to the growing season meant replanting was a necessity for many, which means growers are now seeing uneven crops in the same field during a time of the year very important for producing high-yield corn and soybeans.

Another key issue in the Midwest is downed corn, as many acres have seen extensive damage because of severe storms.

As growers across these areas attempt to address these issues, BASF Technical Market Manager Nick Fassler relies on years of robust fungicide research to help growers make the most out of whatever situation they face.

Obviously, application timing is a tougher decision in areas that have uneven plant development. How can a grower best address decision timing in uneven situations?

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In areas that have been effected by downed corn, what types of disease pressure should growers be concerned about?

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There are several motivating factors for fungicide application such as disease control, increased yields and plant health benefits – are there separate timings for application based on which of those factors you’re hoping to achieve?

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With the recommended timing for fungicide application upon us, is there still time available for growers who may not have planned to use a fungicide?

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