BASF products benefit National Corn Yield Contest winners


RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC – Nearly half of the most successful U.S. corn growers in this year’s National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) National Corn Yield Contest utilized a BASF productfor their superior crop yields. According to 2010 contest results, 11 of the 24national winners applied a BASF product to their winning cornfields.

The 11 national winners who benefitted from using BASF products, utilized products including Headline® fungicide, Kixor® herbicide technology,Guardsman Max® herbicide andProwl® H2O herbicide.

“This year’s winners have yet again demonstrated the value of BASF herbicides and fungicides to growers,” said Paul Rea, Vice President, U.S. Crop Operations, BASF. “BASF products continue to be a recurring contributor to the record-breaking yields for some of the country’s most successful growers.”

In the 2010 national contest, BASF products helped yield three first-place finishes, four second-place finishes, and four third-place finishes. Only two NCGA yield contest winners used a different brand of fungicide.

The grower with the highest overall yield in the national contest, David Hula, utilized Headline fungicide on his winning crop. Hula nabbed 368.44 bushels per acre, more than twice the national average.

“It’s no surprise that Headline and Headline AMP are the most trusted fungicides among NCGA yield contest winners,” said David Hula, of Charles City, Virginia. “Year after year, Headline has proven its ability to combat disease, improve yields and provide Plant Health benefits.  All of these things equate to higher yields at the end of the season.”

Headline fungicideprovides excellent disease control and Plant Health benefits for growers, helping maximize yields and growers’ investments in seed, fertilizer and other crop protection inputs. Headline AMP fungicide, a new combination fungicide from BASF, was specifically developed for corn growers who want both maximum protection from foliar diseases and improved Plant Health. In on-farm trials in 2010, Headline AMP provided an increase of 14.5 bu/A in corn.

Kixor® herbicide technologywas launched in the last year to provide growers with a family of products specifically designed to solve the toughest broadleaf weed challenges. Kixor is an ideal solution for ALS, glyphosate, and triazine resistant weeds because its unique chemistry provides broad spectrum foliar and residual broadleaf weed control across a wide range of crops. As the only product in the pyrimidinedione class of chemistry, it provides a unique resistance management tool for growers.

BASF is proud to be a sponsor of the NCGA’s annual National Corn Yield Contest.

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