Bayer CropScience partners with Silver Lane Hybrids for the Liberty Greenback program

REMINGTON, INDIANA (April 15, 2008) — Silver Lane Hybrids and Bayer CropScience have come together to offer growers an opportunity to earn up to $6.25 back per acre when they apply Liberty® herbicide on Herculex® hybrids.

Steve Kinsell, Silver Lane Hybrids’ president, says they work to provide their grower customers throughout the three-state area with new programs. The Liberty Greenback™ program helps them to meet this goal.

The Liberty/LibertyLink® system offers their growers the non-selective program advantages of convenience, ease and cost effectiveness, and it is an alternate to Roundup Ready corn program. Liberty herbicide also, has a unique mode of action, and there is no documented weed resistance worldwide.

“We decided to promote this alternative to our customers, because we feel everyone deserves the ability to choose which weed control system to use,” Kinsell says. “The Greenback program helps us level the playing field as far as chemical input costs go.”

The 32 oz/acre rate of Liberty controls up to 120 tough grasses and broadleaf weeds ­— that includes glyphosate-resistant and tolerant weeds. Liberty is effective on tough-to-control weeds such as woolly cupgrass, waterhemp, cocklebur, lambsquarter, foxtail, velvetleaf and many others.

The Liberty Greenback Offer gives growers who use Liberty herbicide on Herculex hybrids from Silver Lane, up to $6.25 back per acre.

“The combination of powerful herbicide protection of Liberty with the added value of the Greenback program, helps to make this a perfect combination for growers,” says Jeff Perry, Bayer CropScience Midwest district manager.

The LibertyLink trait is available in all Herculex and Agrisure™ CB/LL hybrids.

“We continue to research Liberty hybrids for superior genetics, and actively encourage our customers to spay Liberty on these hybrids,” Kinsell says.

More program details are available at For additional information about Liberty, growers can contact their local Bayer CropScience representative, or call 1-866-99-BAYER (1-866-992-2937).