Bio-Forge™ Beats The Best in University Yield Study on Corn

Study Confirms StollerUSA’s Product Outperforms Top Late-Season Fungicides

Offered For Yield Increases

HOUSTON (February 27, 2008) – As opposed to applying late-season fungicides in hopes of a yield increase, new research from North Carolina State University indicates that applications of Bio-Forge™ by StollerUSA, with or without fungicide, increases yields of corn by as much as 13 percent.

“Previous research shows that Bio-Forge consistently reduced damage caused by plant stress,” said Dr. Ron Heiniger, professor of crop systems at North Carolina State University. “So, to hypothesize that crops treated with the anti-oxidant would produce higher yields was the logical next step.”

In his study, Dr. Heiniger looked at the applications of four of the industry’s most reputable fungicides verses Bio-Forge, an anti-oxidant with growth enhancing properties, to see which products produced higher yields. When accompanying late-season fungicide applications, Bio-Forge gave a more consistent corn yield.

“We identify a need, such as yield increases, and then diligently work to provide our customers with timely and innovative solutions,” said Jerry Stoller, president of StollerUSA. “Bio-Forge is just one example of StollerUSA’s many answers to pressing agricultural and environmental issues affecting producers.”

In addition to its higher yield capability, Bio-Forge increases a plant’s tolerance to stress by reversing the effects of ethylene, a stress hormone that can cause cell death when found in excess. Not only will Bio-Forge decrease stress on crops, it may decrease record irrigation costs by helping crops use water more efficiently. Simply stated, Bio-Forge can help reduce input costs while boosting the bottom line with a yield increase.

“Projected corn acres and market prices are at an all-time high due to increased input costs and interest in ethanol production. The success or failure of this year’s crop will affect more producers than ever before,” said Stoller. “You can’t control Mother Nature, but with Bio-Forge you can help control her effects on your crop.”

In agribusiness for more than 30 years, StollerUSA markets a full line of products to help growers increase crop yield and quality. StollerUSA, headquartered in Houston, is actively researching and developing micronutrients and other products in more than 50 countries.