Buy an Outback Guidance Big Screen – Get a Big Screen TV

Hiawatha, KS — March 2, 2009— (TSX: HEM) Hemisphere GPS has recently introduced a new sales promotion program for its Outback Guidance® precision agriculture brand. Outback customers can purchase a big screen guidance system for work, and get a big screen TV for play for no additional charge. With every purchase of either guidance system, Outback Sts™ or Outback S3™, combined with an Outback eDriveTC™ auto-steering system, customers will receive a free* flat screen Best Buy® for Business high definition television (HDTV).

The Outback Sts combines the most popular features of the market-proven Outback S2™ with a user-friendly 7 inch touch screen interface. Featuring an electronically integrated Outback Steering Guide™ and a variety of easy-to-use guidance patterns, Outback Sts offers solid performance and simple operation.

The Outback S3 boasts an 8.4 inch high-resolution touch screen, which provides constant situational awareness, unparalleled job management capabilities, and is backed by the Outback Guidance longstanding commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Outback S3 takes innovation and performance to a new level.

The Outback eDriveTC GPS assisted steering system extends the functionality of both the Outback S3 and the Outback Sts. Once eDriveTC is engaged, it uses GPS technology to automatically steer the vehicle. It provides more uniform treatments, extends hours of operation, and requires less driver skill. Not only does eDriveTC steer more accurately than humanly possible, it includes Tilt Compensation (TC) which is essential for precise applications to correct for position errors caused by driving on slopes in the terrain.

*This is a limited time offer and is only available to customers in North America. For more information, and for the complete terms and conditions of this offer, please visit the promotions page at