Cadet herbicide

Cadet herbicide is a practical option for postemergence control of broadleaf weeds. Cadet offers growers exceptional application flexibility in both corn and soybeans. Tough broadleaf weeds just met an effective opponent. Cadet mixed with glyphosate based herbicides adds power to postemergence programs by helping take out glyphosate-tolerant weeds and provides a second mode of action to aid in resistance management.

Teams up with glyphosate for greater results

Great tank mix partner with atrazine and dicamba products to improve postemergence performance

Controls troublesome ALS, atrazine and/or glyphosate-resistant weeds

Excellent tank mix partners in Roundup Ready®, LibertyLink® or

conventional hybrids bringing additional weed control and another mode of action

Targets and controls problem weeds:

- Velvetleaf

- Waterhemp

- Lambsquarters

- Pigweed

- Nightshade

- Jimsonweed

- Burcucumber

- Spurred anoda

- Morningglory


Exhibits excellent crop safety for corn and soybeans eliminating concerns for drift or tank contamination compared to other corn post herbicides.

Offers a wide application window from the two-leaf stage up to 48-inch tall corn

Applied with your fi rst in-crop herbicide application you eliminate

weed competition earlier and maximize yields for higher profi ts

Can be applied by air or ground

Attack Weeds Early, When They are Small to Preserve Yields and Improve Profits

Eff ective control during the fi rst 2 to 4 weeks of the growing season is essential to maximize yields and ensure profi table corn production

Weed control is more eff ective with early applications

Usage Rates and Application Timing

0.4-0.6 oz/A – tank mixed with labeled rates of glyphosate herbicides

in Roundup Ready corn

0.6-9.0 oz/A – for control of labeled weeds alone or in a tank mix with

other post herbicides

- Cadet is labeled for application from spike stage to 48-inch tall corn. However, it is important to spray early to avoid yield losses

- Apply early to small weeds (2-5 inches tall) for best performance

- Use a minimum of 15 gpa spray volume and medium droplet size for good coverage and best control of weeds

- Use drop nozzles when corn is taller than 30 inches for better weed coverage between rows and avoid concentrating spray on crop leaves and whorls

- Pre-harvest interval of 90 days