CLAAS Expands Production To Keep Up With Worldwide Combine Demand

To keep up with the demands of producers worldwide, CLAAS recently announced the expansion of its Krasnodar, Russia facility, with the expectation to double production capacity over the next three years. In 2005, over $31 million was invested by CLAAS for the new combine harvester plant to be built in southern Russia.

CLAAS was the first large-scale manufacturer of agricultural machinery to have its own combine facility in Russia.

Currently, the CLAAS production plant in Krasnodar is designed to handle production of 1,000 combine harvesters a year

and most recently began to produce tractors.

Modeled after the CLAAS North American LEXION combine production facility in Omaha, NE, Krasnodar is equipped to adjust the build schedule and minimize delivery time to customers as growth continues. Knowledge from the Omaha facility as well as western technology has given Krasnodar the ability to expand quickly to fulfill the needs of a growing Russian market.

“The flexibility of our build method is mainly due to the semi-knock down (SKD) manufacturing process,” states Maury Salz, President of CLAAS Omaha, Inc. “This technique falls in-line with the corporate environment and production plan of Omaha.” The Omaha facility initially began production under a Roll-on/Roll-off method and transitioned to the SKD process in 2006 to meet the increasing demand for LEXION combines in North America.

Salz further explains, “Core combine components are shipped to us from Germany and we then add approximately 40-50 percent of the content from our North America supply chain. Each combine is customized to meet the needs of the end user,” he further explains, “and this process shortens the time from the initial order date to the delivery date by at least 50 percent.”

By incorporating the SKD process, both Omaha and Krasnodar are able to produce a higher volume of combines in a shorter period of time. The process saves producers time and money when faster delivery equals gains in productivity, increased power and reduced fuel consumption – what LEXION combines are known best for.

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