Omaha, Neb - CLAAS of America Inc. is just one of several companies from across the country joining forces with the Association of Equipment Manufacturers in support of the “I Make America” campaign. This effort seeks to encourage elected officials to support legislation that could help protect and create jobs in the U.S. manufacturing industry.

This movement is gaining momentum and followers, encouraging companies to allow their workers to talk about the role
their manufacturing jobs play in their community through video stories. These personal experiences are gathered on the “I Make America” website and each provides a glimpse into local manufacturing companies, the jobs they create and the local importance of passing a variety of legislation to help these companies continue to prosper and keep America globally competitive.

The CLAAS video features Brandon Olstad, a young man from Omaha, Nebraska. Olstad began his manufacturing career as an assembly technician intern at the CLAAS facility in Omaha while in college and is now part of the CLAAS marketing department. His personal experience highlights how he gained the opportunity to succeed in finishing a degree that his manufacturing job gave him the means to attain.

CLAAS is proud to support this effort as agricultural manufacturing plays such a vital part in putting food on the table to feed an ever-growing world population. To further educate the local community about the role agricultural manufacturing has in every day lives, CLAAS offers tours of their production facility to show the manufacturing of LEXION combine harvesters and demonstrates the capacity of their use around the world.

“CLAAS recognizes that manufacturing jobs and the industry that surrounds them are vital to communities across America," stated Leif Magnusson, President of CLAAS of America and board member of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers. “We feel it’s crucial to stand behind this movement from its grassroots efforts and showcase just those individuals it affects most. This is more than just a political message we’re sending to Washington. It’s a stand in keeping America competitive and prospering in the global market,” continued Magnusson.

The primary goal of the campaign is to keep the continued growth and stability of the manufacturing industry in America top of mind for politicians. The “I Make America” campaign also seeks to show the broad range of workers and communities that depend on manufacturing to sustain jobs and America’s place in the world economy. To see more videos or add your support to the “I Make America” effort, visit