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Harvest corn at higher moisture to reduce phantom yield loss

Harvest corn at higher moisture to reduce phantom yield loss

Think Different Although factory-standard combines do a good job of harvesting, Bob Little modified his Case IH 5320 combine with optional round concaves to efficiently harvest corn at moistures hovering around 25%. “No matter what speed I ran, I was running grain out the back of the combine before I changed the concaves,” Little says. “Round concaves allow more green matter to drop out and make threshing more efficient.” Little also has beefed up his drying system for earlier harvest. His top-dry system can dry 22% moisture corn to safe storage moistures at a rate of 950 bushels/hour.

About 20 years ago, Indiana corn grower Bob Little began tinkering with a corn harvest approach that turned conventional wisdom about field dry-down on its ear.

He first noticed a drop in dry corn yields when he completed harvest in a field where he had been interrupted by an earlier, wetter start. A

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