7.06 western corn rootworm1320015-PPT
Tissue Test Kaiser sampling leaf_1
Gray leaf spot
John Haarstadrsquos ureasidedress bar can also be used as a deep bander by moving the row units 15 inches Designed and built by Sheldon Stevermer a Wells Minn farmer and BampD Metalworks engineer the 30ft bar extends to 40 and 45 ft and pulls a Montag 9ton steerable cart The openers are Dawn 6000s This is Haarstadrsquos first year sidedressing Based in Carlisle Minn he is skiprow sidedressing on 60inch centers Skiprow sidedressing is endorsed by the University of Illinois pdf page 15 because it avoids inje
June 2017 National map
6.26 Amity 2250 Air Cart
6.25 manure on double crops
6.25 osu corn ponding
soil health and soil aggregates