Dairyland Seed Releases New Soybean Varieties


West Bend, WI —Dairyland Seed recently announced the release of 12 new soybean varieties for the 2012 planting season.  Each of these varieties can be seen at research tours and field days throughout the Midwest this fall.  The descriptions of the new products follow:

DSR-0603/R2Y          Maturity 0.6

Top ratings for white mold and BSR. Strong emergence. Rps1c gene for PRR protection. Excellent choice for no/minimum till operations. 


DSR-1808/R2Y          Maturity 1.8

Exciting new R2Y genetics with upper echelon yield potential! Great emergence scores. Top defender for PRR, WM, BSR and SCN. Excellent no/minimum till product. Caution on high IDC prone soils.

DSR-2105/R2Y          Maturity 2.1

Exciting new release with top end yield. Moderate resistance to SCN. Premium emergence scores. Rps1K for PRR protection. Outstanding white mold defense. Performs well in IDC hotspots.

DSR-2240/R2Y          Maturity 2.2

Widely adaptable product with superb PRR and emergence ratings. Good no/minimum till choice. High ratings for SDS.

DSR-2411/R2Y          Maturity 2.4

High yielding new R2Y line. Rps1c gene for PRR protection. Resistant to BSR. Shorter statured medium bush variety. Premium marks for emergence. Watch high IDC prone soils.

DSR-2880/R2Y          Maturity 2.8

Exciting new late Group 2 release. Great emergence and standability. Top end SDS and white mold defense. Resistance to Race 3 SCN. Rps1k for high PRR protection. A product that deserves some of your acres.

DSR-2995/R2Y          Maturity 3.0

New R2Y product for late 2 and early 3 maturity. Agronomically strong with high yield potential. First class SDS and white mold protection. Moderate resistance to Race 3 SCN. Top PRR and emergence scores. Great no/minimum till choice. 

DSR-3232/R2Y          Maturity 3.4

New R2Y early Group 3. Very good yield potential. PRR protection via Rps1c gene. Near the top of the scale for emergence. Good SDS ratings. Resistant to Race 3 SCN.

DSR-3510                   Maturity 3.5

New mid-3 with top end yield. Conventional with SCN protection. Strong emergence. Tremendous against white mold. PRR protection via Rps1c gene. Excels in narrow row settings.  

DSR-3805/R2Y          Maturity 3.7

New high yielding 3.7 maturity soybean. Strong yield potential. Moderate resistance to Race 3 SCN. Our best scores for SDS protection. Outstanding standability. Visual appeal from planting to harvest.

DSR-3980/R2Y          Maturity 3.9

Tremendous yield potential with this new 3.9 Stellar SCN protection. Very good scores for SDS tolerance. Rps1c for defense of PRR. Widely adapted across varying soil types. Medium bush plant type. 

DSR-4141/R2Y          Maturity 4.1

New 4.1 with superior yield punch. Great performance across diverse soil types. Protects against SCN. Taller product at 42 inches allows for maximum pod set. Solid product with good emergence and standability.