Deadline Approaching for 2014 Farm Energy Audits through USDA NRCS

 For farmers with a new year’s resolution to save money on operating costs, an agricultural energy management plan (AgEMP), commonly called a farm energy audit, is a good place to start. Funding is available for AgEMPs, through the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). Farm energy audits generally identify opportunities to reduce between 10% and 35% of total farm energy use, which enables farmers to take greater control of their energy use and increase their energy independence.

Funding is limited for 2014, with several states facing funding deadlines early in the new year. Application deadlines vary from state to state, though many have set January 17th as the cutoff for first round of applications. Farmers should call or visit their local NRCS office to verify application deadlines and apply for an AgEMP.

EnSave is the nation’s leading provider of farm energy audits and stands ready to provide AgEMPs to farmers throughout the United States. EnSave is a registered Technical Service Provider for NRCS and has provided thousands of farm energy audits over its 20 year history, including several hundred AgEMPs in 2013 alone.

“We are proud to have helped so many farmers reduce their energy costs last year,” says Craig Metz, EnSave CEO. “Farmers across the United States increasingly realize that energy efficiency is an easy way to trim expenses, and funding from NRCS helps a great deal.”

Farmers interested in an AgEMP can call EnSave at (800) 732-1399 to learn more. “We’re always happy to provide an explanation of the audit process and help farmers decide if an energy audit is right for them,” says Metz. Farmers can also visit their local NRCS service center to sign up.

About EnSave:

EnSave is the leading agricultural energy efficiency consulting firm in the United States. We help our clients achieve their energy efficiency goals while also helping farmers save energy and reduce their environmental impact. The inspiration for our work is the hardworking men and women on the farm, and we strive to provide solutions that strengthen the farm and provide long-term viability.

Our passion is helping American agriculture become more sustainable and profitable through energy efficiency and resource conservation.