Dealer to dealer: Demonstrating return on investment to growers


Q: Seed input costs are higher than ever. How do you demonstrate to your customers the importance of protecting that investment?

A: "Growers have a lot working against them and their seed early in the year––soil diseases, tough weather patterns, you name it. And with commodity prices and profit margins top of mind for all the growers, getting a good seed treatment on that seed just makes sense. We’ve seen pretty consistent results from INOVATE® Seed Protectant on protecting the yield throughout the season. It coats very well and seems to deliver those strong stands growers like to see to know their investment was worth it."

–– Kenny Hamilton, Joe's Ag Supply, Havana, ND

New Research Shows INOVATE Improves Stand Count, Protects Yield

Over the last three years, hundreds of dealers and growers across the U.S. have been putting INOVATE to the test in a multi-state, head-to-head field competition with untreated checks (UTCs) and other seed protection systems. New data show INOVATE delivers strong results from the start of the season to the end of harvest:

Improved Stand Count:

  • INOVATE provided a 10% increase in stand counts over the UTC and a 4% increase over CruiserMaxx™

Improved Yield Protection:

  • INOVATE delivered nearly 1 bu/A increase over CruiserMaxx and 2.4 bu/A increase over UTC