ST. LOUIS (August 28, 2013) – Farmers across the country can now visit an interactive new website to learn more about how the DEKALB® global breeding program impacts the products on their farms. The new website, breedingHQ, focuses on the brand’s breeding innovation and exclusive product advancements in an effort to help farmers maximize yield potential in every seed.

“We are really proud of our extensive global corn breeding program, and we’re excited to debut the new DEKALB breedingHQ website.” said Rick Myroup, DEKALB Brand Manager. “DEKALB has a strong dedication to developing the pipeline and only the best-performing products to help farmers produce highly-productive crops.”

Introduced at the 2013 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Ill., this cutting-edge breedingHQ website hosts information dedicated to corn breeding, including year-round genetic research, corn seed testing and a variety of videos highlighting the technology in action. Farmers also can navigate through breeder profiles, fun facts, breeding locations and other site features, including:

•   A History of Corn provides insight into the beginning of plant breeding, how the scientific process evolved and the basic principle of breeding.

•   Breeding Fun FactsDid you know one trillion corn plants would need to be created in order to find the correct combination of 20 different genes in a single plant? DEKALB uses molecular breeding to decrease the odds of finding the right combination from 1 in one trillion to 1 in 5.

•   Exclusive Genetic Diversitydescribes how the DEKALB brand’s exclusive products are introduced each year by tapping an expansive foundation of germplasm from more than 30 countries, consistently supplying breeders with broadest genetic pool in the industry.

•   Talented Breeders explains the life of a DEKALB breeder and gives detailed profiles.

•   Technology at Work explores best-in-class logistics delivering integrated solutions based on specifically bred products. Farmers can dive into the benefits of seed chipping and double haploid technology.

•   The Future of Breeding defines the DEKALB brand’s promise of continuous innovation and quality in the fields of tomorrow and beyond.

“What makes DEKALB different is our integrated approach to breeding,” Myroup said. “We have access to Monsanto’s Global Breeding Organization with a large testing network and elite global germplasm pool. We are unmatched by anyone in the industry.”

For more information, farmers can visit or contact their local DEKALB Dealer.

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