ST. LOUIS – An exciting class of new DEKALB® brand corn products for 2011 can offer farmers significantly higher yield potential.
John Fietsam, DEKALB Marketing Product Manager, said these products represent an 86- to 120-day maturity range, and include some of the best-performing, exclusive genetics DEKALB has ever offered. “We are excited about this exceptional advancement class for 2011,” he said. “Farmers can benefit from a wide range of outstanding new DEKALB products, many of which reset the bar for significant improvements in yield potential and outstanding agronomic benefits.”
Adding to the already broad DEKALB portfolio of top-yield potential products are 14 new DEKALB products with Genuity® traits. These include expanded DEKALB Genuity® VT Triple PRO™ products, providing above- and below-ground insect control for corn farmers in the southern and central Corn Belt, plus new DEKALB Genuity® VT Double PRO™ products, providing multiple modes of above-ground insect control for geographies where corn rootworm is not as significant of an issue.
Farmers in cotton-growing areas who plant DEKALB Genuity VT Triple PRO corn can reduce their insect refuge from 50 percent to 20 percent. The refuge requirement for DEKALB Genuity VT Double PRO corn is 5 percent in the Corn Belt and 20 percent in the Cotton Belt.
Two of the new DEKALB brand Genuity VT Triple PRO products were selected specifically for the western Corn Belt, providing improved resistance to Goss’s Wilt, a disease that can reduce yields by more than 50 percent in environments with severe disease pressure.
Farmers will also have a broad selection of DEKALB products with the industry’s all-in-one corn trait – DEKALB Genuity® SmartStax® – which features multiple modes of above- and below-ground insect control and a 5 percent refuge in the Corn Belt, as well as increased options for weed control.
To achieve these advancements, Monsanto develops new DEKALB products from a large and diverse global corn genetics pool through advanced molecular and conventional breeding programs, coupled with the strongest biotechnology pipeline in the industry. The result has been consistent performance in terms of strong roots, strong stalks and strong yields. Monsanto and third-party 2010 data confirmed a 9.7-bushel-per-acre yield advantage for DEKALB products versus the competition.
And farmers who planted DEKALB products received the highest number of national first-place wins in the National Corn Growers Association’s 46th annual National Corn Yield Contest this past season, staking their claim as America’s top-yielding corn farmers.
For additional information, farmers can contact their DEKALB Seed Dealer or visit SmartStax multi-event technology was developed by Monsanto Company and Dow AgroSciences.