Dow AgroSciences Announces Mexican Import Approval for SmartStax™ Grain

INDIANAPOLIS — Jan. 25, 2010 — A major regulatory milestone has been reached for the full commercial launch of corn hybrids with SmartStax™. Dow AgroSciences LLC (NYSE: DOW), a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company, announced today that it has received import regulatory approval from Mexico for corn grain produced from SmartStax.

SmartStax is the outcome of a cross-licensing agreement and research and development collaboration between Dow AgroSciences and Monsanto. The technology is the result of best-in-class trait integration that combines each company’s industry-leading corn traits to provide growers the broadest spectrum of above- and below-ground protection against pests and weeds.

With this approval, SmartStax can be produced and planted in the United States and Canada and grain produced from SmartStax corn can now be imported to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand among other countries.

“This is a significant milestone for the launch of SmartStax and is aligned with our commitment to responsibly steward the introduction of novel biotech products,” said Brad Shurdut, Global Biotech Regulatory and Government Affairs leader for Dow AgroSciences. “Mexico represents a large market for U.S. corn, and this final approval ensures that growers planting SmartStax and the grain trade continue to have access to this critical market.”

Mexico is among the top importers of corn from the United States, and Mexico is the largest importer of distillers dried grains, or DDGs, for livestock feed.

The multiple modes of action in SmartStax™ are the only proven means to reduce structured refuge and maintain long-term durability of corn trait technologies. U.S. and Canadian corn farmers who plant SmartStax will be able to substantially reduce the structured refuge from the typical 20 percent to 5 percent in Canada and the U.S. Corn Belt and from 50 percent to 20 percent in U.S. cotton-growing areas.

By combining a comprehensive approach for insect and weed control with reduced above- and below-ground structured refuge, farmers who adopt SmartStax will have the opportunity to increase whole-farm corn yields. Dow AgroSciences and Monsanto plan to launch SmartStax on 3 million to 4 million-plus acres in 2010. Dow AgroSciences will offer SmartStax through its seed brands, which include Mycogen®, Dairyland™, Renze™, Brodbeck™, Triumph®, Pfister® and Hyland™.