Dow AgroSciences Canada Receives Registration Approval for REFUGE ADVANCED™ Powered by SmartStax®


CALGARY — Dow AgroSciences has listened to the needs of corn growers for simplicity and convenience in refuge compliance. REFUGE ADVANCEDpowered by SmartStax has received registration approval from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and Canadian farmers can now choose the benefits of the industry’s first single-bag refuge solution for corn.

SmartStax is the outcome of collaboration between Monsanto and Dow AgroSciences LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW). It is a combination of each company’s industry-leading corn traits, providing farmers with multiple modes of action for broad spectrum control of insects and two herbicide tolerance traits for flexible weed management.

REFUGE ADVANCED is a blend of 95 per cent SmartStax corn seed and 5 percent refuge (non-Bt) seed that farmers can plant across their entire field, meaning there is no need to plant a separate, structured refuge for corn pests.“REFUGE ADVANCED is the simplest way to ensure refuge compliance, and this unique technology is only available through Dow AgroSciences seed brands,” says Tom Claeys, marketing manager for Mycogen™ Seeds. “The premium seed blend saves time and effort, as corn growers will not have to separate the refuge seed in their planter, add additional insecticide, or plant a separate structured refuge for above or below ground insects on acres planted with REFUGE ADVANCED.”

Technologically Advanced Refuge Solution


The proprietary seed blending process for REFUGE ADVANCEDensures that refuge hybrids will be evenly distributed across the field. The weight and size of refuge seed is matched to the SmartStax seed, helping to maintain an even blend in the bag throughout packaging and distribution.

“Uniform blending in the bag delivers consistent distribution of both SmartStax and refuge seeds during planting,” says Marty Vermey, product manager, Hyland™ Seeds. “Uniform distribution of refuge plants prevent formation of ‘hot spots’ due to large clusters of refuge plants in one area of the field.” 

In each bag of REFUGE ADVANCED, a SmartStax hybrid is blended with a refuge hybrid of similar agronomic characteristics, so refuge plants will look similar to the traited plants for a uniform stand.  Both SmartStax and refuge seeds are subjected to the same rigid quality control processes for consistent germination and performance.

Meets IRM Requirements

By complying with Insect Resistance Management (IRM) guidelines, growers help protect the durability of all insect resistance traits and preserve the technology for future generations.

In the past, growers planting Bt corn hybrids have been required to plant a separate structured refuge of non-insect-traited seed to protect the traits from potential insect resistance. SmartStax, planted for the first time in 2010, allows farmers in corn-growing areas to reduce refuge acreage from 20 percent to 5 percent. And now with REFUGE ADVANCED, the required 5 percent refuge is right in the bag.

REFUGE ADVANCED is yet another example of innovative technology from Dow AgroSciences that helps growers maximize their whole-farm yield potential while making IRM compliance simple. Itwill be offered exclusively through Dow AgroSciences Canada seed brands Mycogen Seeds and Hyland Seeds, and is expected to launch with a lineup of hybrids for the 2012 season. 

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