Dow AgroSciences Introduces New Technology for Traits™ Portfolio of Herbicides

New Herbicide Portfolio Delivers Powerful Weed Control in Herbicide-tolerant Corn, Soybeans

INDIANAPOLIS — Nov. 13, 2007 — Dow AgroSciences has introduced a new Technology for Traits™ portfolio of herbicides that provides growers with new weed control tools designed for high performance in herbicide-tolerant corn or soybean production systems.

SURESTART™, SONIC™ and DURANGO® DMA® herbicides make up the portfolio. Damon Palmer, product manager for Dow AgroSciences, says the new herbicides have been designed to control weeds in Roundup Ready® crops.

“Today’s growers are faced with increased weed pressure in herbicide-tolerant weed control systems that hurt their ability to produce larger yields to meet growing demand for corn and soybeans,” says Palmer. “We listened to growers and heard they needed new, more effective weed control tools. We developed the Technology for Traits portfolio of herbicides to help them better control weeds that are becoming more difficult to control in today’s Roundup Ready crops.”

SURESTART and SONIC, two herbicides in the Technology for Traits portfolio, are designed to help protect the yield and profit potential of herbicide-tolerant corn and soybeans during early developmental stages from weed competition due to delayed glyphosate applications and the growing number of glyphosate-resistant and ‑tolerant weeds. They are ideal partners with the company’s new glyphosate, DURANGO DMA.

  • SURESTART herbicide ( is a soil-applied foundation herbicide designed for use in Roundup Ready corn. It delivers consistent, broad-spectrum control of more than 60 grasses and broadleaf weeds, including glyphosate-resistant and ‑tolerant weeds, for up to six weeks. SURESTART also offers application flexibility, as it can be applied from preplant to 11-inch-tall corn.
  • Applied as a preplant or preemergence application up to three days after planting, SONIC herbicide ( uses two unique modes of action to deliver broad-spectrum broadleaf weed control in Roundup Ready soybeans. It provides foundation control of numerous broadleaf weeds, such as marestail, lambsquarters, pigweed, waterhemp, common and giant ragweed and more, reducing early season weed competition in soybeans.
  • DURANGO DMA herbicide ( is the latest innovation in glyphosate technology, containing a new third-generation glyphosate salt. Through its easy-to-handle, high-load formulation, DURANGO DMA delivers consistent, broad-spectrum control of more than 100 broadleaf weeds and grasses.

Palmer says the herbicides within the Technology for Traits portfolio work together in a two-pass program in herbicide-tolerant corn or soybeans for better early season control of tough weeds. Data from 35 experiments in nine states over the course of seven years found that a soil-applied herbicide in corn followed by glyphosate yielded 7 percent more than a post treatment of glyphosate alone.1 Research from Southern Illinois University shows that for each inch of weed growth in soybeans, 0.7 bu./A is lost.2 That’s $6 in lost profitability per inch of weed growth when soybean prices are $8.50/bu.

“The Technology for Traits portfolio shows the commitment of Dow AgroSciences to continuous improvement in weed control technology,” says Palmer. “Dow AgroSciences is one of a few companies still investing in research and development for herbicide weed control. Our focus is on bringing value to growers by developing products that fit today’s crop technology.”

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