Dow AgroSciences, Iowa State University Enter into Research Agreement Using EXZACT™ Precision Technology in Algae

INDIANAPOLIS – April 16, 2010 – Dow AgroSciences LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW), and Iowa State University have entered into a research agreement to study how EXZACT™ Precision Technology can help improve the development of renewable bioproducts in microalgae.

Dow AgroSciences’ EXZACT™ Precision Technology provides a versatile and comprehensive toolkit for targeted genome modification. Its demonstrated ability to specifically and efficiently add, edit or delete genes at targeted locations in plant genomes has made it the leading tool for precise engineering of multi-gene stacks, editing native gene sequences and targeted gene disruption in crops. This new research will extend those functionalities into algal systems.

As part of the agreement, researchers at Iowa State University will generate data demonstrating the utility of EXZACT™ in the microalgae Chlamydomonas, a model system for the green technologies that will produce the carbohydrates, lipids or hydrocarbons used in high-energy, renewable bioproducts. Dow AgroSciences is providing its technology as well as access to intellectual property, validated, high-quality zinc-finger reagents, and scientific expertise.

“Algal species are emerging as important systems in the search for alternative and renewable bioproducts and biofuels,” said Kay Kuenker, vice president of New Business Global Business Unit for Dow AgroSciences. “By bringing together the expertise at Iowa State University with the power of EXZACT™ Precision Technology, this agreement creates an opportunity to deliver breakthrough solutions for the world’s bioenergy needs and further expands the usefulness and potential impact that the EXZACT™ platform can deliver.”

“This agreement with Dow AgroSciences will enhance the ongoing work and expertise at Iowa State University. We are excited to work with Dow AgroSciences and share this exciting new technology,” said Martin Spalding, Ph.D., Professor and Chair of the Department of Genetics, Development and Cell Biology at Iowa State University, who is leading the effort with Dow AgroSciences’ EXZACT™ Scientific Leader Vipula Shukla, Ph.D.

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.