Dow AgroSciences Recognized with International Award for Best Novel Agricultural Biotechnology


INDIANAPOLIS Dow AgroSciences, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW), was recognized for industry-leading technology and innovation with an international Agrow Award for “Best Novel Agricultural Biotechnology.” The prestigious Agrow Awards honor corporate and individual excellence in the crop protection and production industry. 

Dow AgroSciences won in the Best Novel Agricultural Biotechnology category for SmartStax® hybrids. SmartStax technology benefits millions of corn growers across North America by delivering multiple modes of action for the broadest spectrum of insect control ever available, combined with the most complete herbicide tolerance currently available. On July 20, 2009, SmartStax received registration from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) granting a reduced refuge of only five percent in the United States Corn Belt for both above and below ground insect pests, a decision based on the multiple modes of action delivered by SmartStax. SmartStax was commercially launched in 2010 in the United States and Canada, with further global launches expected to follow.

“We’re honored and excited to be recognized again this year for our achievements in creating and delivering the best solutions to meet grower’s needs,” said Daniel R. Kittle, Ph.D., global leader, R&D for Dow AgroSciences. “This is also great recognition for our creative and hard-working R&D employees all around the globe who are constantly using the newest technologies, advancing science and delivering breakthrough solutions that serve the needs of the world’s growing population.”

Winners of the 2011 Agrow Awards were selected by a panel of 10 independent judges from the crop protection and agricultural biotech industry, and were announced today during an awards ceremony in London. 

In addition to being named the winner of the Best Novel Agricultural Biotechnology category, Dow AgroSciences was also recognized as a finalist in the Most Innovative Chemistry category. Sulfoxaflor, which is not yet registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is a novel insecticide active against a broad range of sap-feeding insects. Upon registration for sale and use by applicable regulatory agencies, sulfoxaflor will provide much needed solutions to a wide range of crop pests not currently addressed with transgenic means or other classes of chemistry.

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