Dow AgroSciences Submits SmartStax™ for Regulatory Review

New Stacked Trait in Corn on Track for End of Decade Commercial Launch

INDIANAPOLIS – June 16, 2008 – Dow AgroSciences LLC announced today it has submitted SmartStax™, a new insect-protection and weed control stacked trait combination in corn, to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for regulatory review.

SmartStax is the industry's first-ever eight gene stack combination in corn that will feature multiple modes of action to control both above and below ground insects as well as herbicide tolerance. The combination of these traits is designed to improve insect protection, expand herbicide application options and minimize the potential for insect resistance.

“Ensuring technology like in-plant insect protection remains effective for the long-term is critical to providing a dependable grain corn supply to a global market that continues to see increasing demands. The multiple modes of action in SmartStax is an effective way of ensuring durability and increasing yields,” said Antonio Galindez, vice president, Crops Global Business Unit, Dow AgroSciences.

Currently, corn growers are required to plant a “structured refuge” or plot of corn that does not use the same Bt technology near corn acres that have in-plant Bt protection. Data collected for the submission of SmartStax indicates that its multiple modes-of-action are highly effective in protecting the plant and managing the long-term viability of the technology in a reduced refuge environment. Accordingly, the EPA submission for SmartStax seeks a reduction from the refuge area required for the Bt corn products currently on the market. This type of refuge reduction, where two independent insecticidal proteins are present in a single plant, has already proved effective in cotton.

Dow AgroSciences will offer SmartStax through its Mycogen and Triumph Seed brands, and will use the trait platform to launch future trait technologies including Dow Herbicide Tolerance (DHT) and other agronomic enhancements. DHT is a new family of traits that will provide tolerance to 2,4-D and other classes of herbicides.

“Game changing trait technologies, such as SmartStax and DHT, coupled with continued investment in plant breeding, expanded seed production facilities, and seed company acquisitions will help Dow AgroSciences continue to expand its corn platform,” said Brian Barker, global business leader for corn seeds and traits for Dow AgroSciences.

SmartStax is being jointly developed and registered by Dow AgroSciences and Monsanto. SmartStax is on track to become commercially available for the 2010 growing season in the United States pending receiving appropriate regulatory approvals. SmartStax has also been submitted to Japanese regulatory agencies for review.

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