Dow AgroSciences Technology Transfer Group Expands

INDIANAPOLIS — August 17, 2009 — Dow AgroSciences continues to develop its global Technology Transfer department with the addition of three specialists. The following individuals have accepted new roles: Gary Finn, weed management technology transfer specialist; Kevin Steffey, insect management technology transfer specialist; and Philip Jost, agronomics technology transfer specialist.

When organized in 2008, the purpose of the Technology Transfer function was to maximize the value of the company’s entire portfolio by making technical expertise of employees a competitive advantage. By placing industry experts into specialist roles, the group is continuing to fulfill this mission.

“With the addition of these new specialists, the Technology Transfer group has added many years of both university and industry experience,” says Rod Dorich, global Technology Transfer leader for Dow AgroSciences, based in Indianapolis. “We are excited to bring leading experts to the team. Their collaboration with the research and development and commercial teams will support the continued growth of Dow AgroSciences in the agricultural and biotechnology fields.”

As a whole, the newly formed Technology Transfer group is responsible for developing educational and learning materials that will support the integration of new technologies into the Dow AgroSciences portfolio and support growth with current technology.

The group also provides new sales representatives with technology orientation and offers continuing education for the sales organization.

Gary Finn, Ph.D., who joined Dow AgroSciences in 2000, was previously the sole technology transfer specialist for agricultural chemicals. Finn joined Dow AgroSciences after many years providing technical service in the ag industry. Finn has accepted the role of weed management technology transfer specialist where can leverage more than two decades of expertise in both weed science and technology training to develop global resources for Technology Transfer.

Kevin Steffey, Ph.D., also has joined the Technology Transfer organization at Dow AgroSciences to provide expertise gained in his former role as a 30-year veteran Extension entomologist at the University of Illinois. Steffey is a past president and fellow of Entomological Society of America and a well-known supporter of agriculture in the Midwest. Steffey will coordinate Technology Transfer activities relating to insect management for Dow AgroSciences chemistry and trait-based products.

Philip Jost, Ph.D., joined Dow AgroSciences in 2006 and most recently was the lead development specialist for PhytoGen® cottonseed. In his new position as agronomics technology transfer specialist, he will be responsible for developing technology training related to agronomy, crop production and fertility and development of training curriculum. Jost brings many years of experience from a prior university agronomy extension role to the group as well.

“About 25 Dow AgroSciences experts around the world will be aligned with the Technology Transfer function to ensure that the materials developed by specialists will be adapted for use in local markets,” Dorich says. “I am convinced that this network of individuals in local markets working with Technology Transfer will be a critical aspect of integrating technology learning into Dow AgroSciences globally.”

As the Technology Transfer organization continues to develop and add more experts to the team, this network will play a critical role in developing, launching and supporting core Dow AgroSciences products.