Drive straight to more savings with the new Leica mojoMINI

Englewood, Colo., – It’s more affordable than ever to start saving time and money with precision guidance tools like the new and improved Leica mojoMINI kit.

In the field or on the go, the Leica mojoMINI kit is the most versatile entry-level guidance system on the market. The combined field guidance kit with a handy street navigation display for use on the road is a must-have guidance system for large and small operations.

“With all these new features, we take the mojoMINI from a nice entry-level system for small farmers, to a more robust and versatile system,” says Peter Bailey, product manager at Leica Geosystems. “This kit has a number of components that means this system can be used daily in nearly any operation.”

With several new field guidance features, the mojoMINI is more robust and easier to use.

·         The new Boundary Recording feature allows operators to quickly and easily calculate field area to accurately determine input requirements.

·         The new Coverage Mapping feature allows operators to see what ground has been covered as they work the field.

·         The new Continue Field feature saves current information so operators can return to the job and know where to start and see what’s already been covered.

The Leica mojoMINI kit also includes the Leica GeoSpective smart antenna with GL1DE™ technology for a smooth, accurate pass-to-pass signal with no external corrections or expensive subscriptions. Plus, the smart antenna’s integrated Bluetooth® technology allows easy connections to both the mojoMINI display and other handheld PDA devices. Using the optional port expansion cable, the GeoSpective smart antenna can provide GPS connection to a wide range of precision farming equipment, including rate controllers and yield monitors.

For more information about the Leica mojoMINI and all of the Leica Geosystems agriculture products, drive straight to your local dealer or visit us online at

About Leica Geosystems’ Ag Guidance solutions

Whether trying to reduce input costs and increase productivity through more efficient application, or to save on time and operator fatigue by lowering the number of passes in the field, Leica Geosystems provides farmers with a suite of simple, reliable and affordable agricultural guidance and precision farming tools.

Leica Geosystems’ Ag Guidance solutions combine state-of-the-art positioning technology with robust, compact hardware built to withstand the toughest field conditions. Compatible with a wide range of vehicles and third-party equipment, Leica Geosystems’ products are flexible and scalable to suit individual requirements.