Enhanced LibertyLink® LinkUp™ Offer Gives Season-long Benefits


Research Triangle Park, N.C.  — Bayer CropScience recently announced updates to the 2012 LibertyLink LinkUp Offer, an important part of the Innovation Plus™ program. Farmers who plant at least 250 acres of LibertyLink soybeans, FiberMax® or Stoneville® LibertyLink cottonseed varieties, or InVigor® LibertyLink canola will be eligible to earn up to $4 per acre*.

Increasing the LinkUp Offer from 2011 and extending it to full-season purchases of LibertyLink soybeans, LibertyLink cotton and LibertyLink canola helps ensure that the LibertyLink system remains a viable and competitive alternative to other herbicide-tolerant technologies in the marketplace, according to Jerome Kovar, Liberty herbicide product manager.

Trait and chemistry alternatives are an important element of the Respect the Rotation™ program by Bayer CropScience, which promotes sustainable weed control through trait, crop and chemistry rotation.

“The LibertyLink system has a proven track record of success, and we’re confident that farmers will continue to trust the performance of LibertyLink varieties and the powerful, nonselective weed management that comes with Liberty herbicide,” Kovar said. “LibertyLink traits and Liberty herbicide fit well as part of a Respect the Rotation program and play a valuable role in weed resistance management. This is a great time to try the most reliable weed management solution available.”

In addition to discussing the LinkUp offer, Kovar addressed supply questions raised recently by farmers and retailers.

“We have heard a lot of questions in recent weeks about the availability of Liberty for the 2012 season,” Kovar said. “We want to assure farmers and retailers that if they’re applying Liberty to LibertyLink soybeans, FiberMax or Stoneville LibertyLink cottonseed varieties or InVigor LibertyLink canola, there is enough Liberty herbicide available in 2012 to treat the projected acres.”

Seed orders for the 2012 growing season placed between September 1, 2011 and August 15, 2012 qualify for the incentive. For more information on the LinkUp Program, contact your preferred seed seller or supplier. Additional program details are at www.InnovationPlusProgram.com