EPA Approves New Syngenta Agrisure® Trait

Syngenta reported today that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has granted registration approval for its new Agrisure® corn trait, referred to as the MIR162 event, which Syngenta will include in stacks with the Agrisure CB/LL trait for the control of a broad spectrum of lepidopteran corn pests. The approval is a key milestone in bringing to market a new mode of action for insect control in corn.

Pending all remaining regulatory and key import approvals, hybrids containing the new trait are anticipated to be available for planting in spring 2010. The trait will only be available stacked with either the Agrisure 3000GT trait stack for control of European corn borer, corn rootworm and glyphosate or glufosinate herbicide tolerance, or the Agrisure GT/CB/LL stack for control of European corn borer with glyphosate and glufosinate herbicide tolerance.

The MIR162 event uses a new proprietary technology from Syngenta that features a novel insecticidal protein called Vegetative Insecticidal Protein 3A (Vip3A). In Syngenta trials, the trait has been shown to provide enhanced control of a wide range of lepidopteran corn pests including corn earworm, western bean cutworm, black cutworm and fall armyworm.

Tracy Mader, marketing manager for Agrisure Corn Traits, said the technology, which represents a new mode of action for insect control in corn, is expected to deliver several key benefits. “Current corn insect control traits use Cry proteins,” Mader said. “Although Vip3A targets pests in a manner similar to the Cry class of proteins, the two types of protein attack different sites on the pest’s gut and have distinct modes of action.

“Just as using different herbicides can help reduce the potential for weeds developing resistance to herbicides, using different modes of action for insect control can reduce the risk for resistance development to these critical trait technologies.”

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