EPA Issues Federal Registration for Cheminova's Flutriafol Under the Brand Name TOPGUARD®

Research Triangle Park, NC – The EPA has granted Cheminova a Federal registration of the active ingredient flutriafol for use in soybeans and apples. Cheminova will market the fungicide under the brand name, TOPGUARD®.

“This is the first new fungicide that the EPA has registered since January, 2008,” says Martin Petersen, President and CEO of Cheminova, Inc., and President of the ANZAC Region. “Flutriafol is proprietary to Cheminova and will offer the farming community a new disease control option – a fungicide with both curative and preventive activity, one that doesn’t cause green stems in soybeans, is very effective on major diseases and is highly systemic.”

Petersen says Cheminova is committed to innovation and to providing better solutions to the farming community. “This latest registration is a milestone for us,” he says. “Cheminova is focusing on its expertise in bringing new and innovative solutions to the farming community and is unique in that it has a diverse portfolio that includes both post-patent products with innovative formulations and proprietary products.”

For more information about the registration of TOPGUARD, visit www.cheminova.us.com.

Cheminova, Inc., a University backed*, innovation driven company headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC, is the United States subsidiary of Cheminova A/S, a global leader in the production, development and sale of crop protection products.

*The voting majority in Cheminova is owned by the Aarhus University Research Foundation. TOPGUARD is a registered trademark of Cheminova, Inc.