Conservis announces Red Wing software as second accounting integration partner

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Conservis Corp, the industry leader in Enterprise Agriculture Management (EAM), announced an integration partnership with industry-leading financial management accounting package CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture by Red Wing Software.

As leaders in their own respective software solutions for growers, both companies look to add value to growers who maximize both systems. Critical on-the-ground production, inventory and harvest data collected by Conservis will seamlessly transfer into Red Wing Software¹s CenterPoint Accounting system.

Combining the power of Conservis and Red Wing Software, this integration improves growers¹ ability to evaluate the true performance of their operations and make better business decisions based on consistent and accurate data. Growers will know what costs relate to a specific field activity for a complete picture of their enterprise.

As single-solution agriculture tools continue to multiply, Conservis and Red Wing Software look to cut the complexity of managing multiple systems with an integrated accounting and EAM solution.

³As our customers continue to invest in their complex operations, they will push for the integration of their various management systems,² said Mark Hubbard, Senior Portfolio Manager at Conservis. ³Being able to easily send information from Conservis to CenterPoint without having to worry about data duplication and messy audit trails is a huge value add to our customers.²

Providing management tools that encompass all business activities on a farm, including planning, budgeting, purchasing, inventory, production management, harvest tracking and settlement gives growers visibility and insight into the complex details and numerous functions that make farms work. The data collected from these operation-wide business processes flows from Conservis into CenterPoint for a complete, holistic, financial picture.

³We¹re continuing to integrate with partners that, as a collective unit, provide more value to our customers than individual, disparate systems,² said Patrick Christie, CEO of Conservis. ³From inputs management, to machines, to financials and risk management, connecting all the pieces of the farm is our sole mission. We¹ll be the single window into tomorrow¹s farm.²

³Red Wing Software has worked for two years to create an integration utility that is more than just an Œimport/export¹ tool, and more of a Œreal-time¹ integration,² said Ken Hilton, Red Wing Software President. ³We are excited to be working with Conservis through our integration utility to provide information to CenterPoint. We will continue to enhance the integration with Conservis, as well as other applications, to further simplify the gathering and analysis of critical data.²