Exciting Line-up for 2009-2010

To meet the growing need for diverse genetics and wide maturity ranges, Wyffels Hybrids has built a hybrid offering over the last three years that is the strongest and most widely-evaluated in the company’s history. With a focus on strong agronomics, high profitability and complete technology offerings, Wyffels is able to help growers stay on the cutting-edge of corn production.

“Our product performance, genetic diversity, and relative maturity range is at an all-time high leading to the strongest hybrid line-up in the history of the company,” says Fritz Behr, vice president of research at Wyffels Hybrids. “We’re very excited to release new genetic families in the 96 to 110 RM range that have proven themselves in our company research program, supplementing our full line-up that now extends from 96 to 117 RM.”

Starting with the 2006 class, Wyffels hybrids continue to prove themselves, winning many third-party trials such as Farmer’s Independent Research of Seed Technologies (F.I.R.S.T.), Purdue University’s Crop Performance Program and the University of Kentucky’s Hybrid Corn Performance Test.

Here is a look into Wyffels Hybrids’ 2010 hybrid release class:

• W1721, a 96 RM YieldGard VT Triple® hybrid with impressive roots and stalks and exceptional drydown. Look for this hybrid to be an early-season top yield leader.

• W3730, a 104 RM non-GMO hybrid with superior genetics that will maximize profitability on your refuge acres. An excellent choice for continuous corn acres, W3730 has a wide harvest window with excellent roots and stalks.

• W6261 is a 109 RM hybrid with YieldGard VT Triple® technology that has an excellent combination of stable, high yields plus rugged root and stalk strength. This shorter stature plant is highly recommended for continuous corn acres.

• W6440 is a 109 RM non-GMO hybrid with exceptional root and stalk strength. Strong agronomics coupled with fast drydown allow this hybrid to perform across many environments.

• W6871 is a 110 RM YieldGard VT Triple® hybrid with tremendous top end yield potential and excellent drydown. Its flex ear type allows it to perform on tough soils and in stress conditions.

Proven performance in your backyard

Wyffels’ extensive research and breeding program provide growers with the confidence to move to new, advanced hybrids. With replicated testing sites throughout Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky and Wisconsin, the Wyffels research team gathers extensive data and personal in-field observations. In most cases, research sites are placed to offer relevant research for a local area representing approximately 500,000 corn acres, helping to identify and advance exceptional hybrid combinations suited to your field conditions. A unique research and development process, along with our proprietary trait integration program, allows Wyffels to accelerate the release of diverse, high-performing and well-tested hybrids.

See the new 2010 hybrids in on-farm Wyffels Works sites this summer and fall. Contact your local Wyffels Seed Representative or District Sales Manager for information about site locations near you or visit www.wyffels.com.