Farmers can earn 20 to 40 cents more per bushel on their crops


WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – Growers Edge™ ( offers a free cash bid service for farmers to locate the best net cash grain prices within 100 miles of their farms. Based on a grower’s location, the Growers Edge program calculates the best net bid after trucking and storage costs are deducted. By comparing their local elevator price with all surrounding elevators, ethanol plants and grain terminals, users of this free service report making 20 to 40 cents more per bushel by shopping for the best market price.

“Our farmer-users asked for a way to find the best net local bid for their crops,” said Craig Mouchka, president of Growers Edge. “Farmers normally check three or four of their closest markets and they can easily miss their best cash price. Our cash bid program helps farmers find the best cash bid. We are finding that 70 percent of the time for soybeans and 90 percent of the time for corn, that the net cash bid found by is better to what is being offered by the closest market. Plus the results come right to the farmers computer screen without making any calls.”

Gary Schmalshof, Macomb, Ill., said, “I discovered that we could haul corn 100 miles to Decatur and get an extra 70 cents a bushel — we made an additional 30 cents a bushel after trucking. Without Growers Edge I never would have known that price was available.”

It takes a real effort for growers to constantly check markets up to 100 miles away, but Growers Edge does everything automatically. Farmers simply determine the search radius from their farms, and the cash bid tool searches for the best net bid within that radius. Growers Edge brings a whole new level of transparency to selling grain. Expanding local marketing opportunities is important, especially when commodity prices are volatile, as they have been in recent years. provides farmers a free, one-stop resource for their business and marketing needs.  Currently, more than 11,000 farmers use to help enhance their profits. For more information, and to sign up for the cash bids system and other free features from Growers Edge, go to