Field trials show Bumper® fungicide has economic and application advantages

Raleigh, N.C. (March 17, 2008) – When yield results of competing corn fungicides are statistically equal, the best choice belongs to the one that provides broader disease protection and equal performance at a lower cost, and that choice is Bumper® fungicide, said Troy Bettner, senior marketing manager for fungicides for Makhteshim Agan of North America (MANA). Choosing a corn fungicide can be difficult based only on yield potential because different chemistries such as those in Bumper and Headline® fungicides often show statistically equal yields in side by side trials, said Bettner.

Growers looking deeper for a “tie-breaker” will find Bumper costs them less to protect those yields, he added. “Scientific, replicated trials performed by independent researchers across the Midwest showed Bumper and Headline at their recommended rates both provided an average increase of about 6 to 7 bushels per acre over the untreated checks,” explained Bettner.

“Under 2007 growing conditions, there were no statistical differences in yields observed between Bumper and Headline, thus a grower should look at the treated-acre cost. Bumper typically costs less than $10 an acre while Headline can cost about 50 percent more. This savings with Bumper is a return-on-investment difference that goes straight toward the farmer’s profitability on each acre.” “There are also the disease spectrum differences to consider, “Bettner added. “The two fungicides both protect against gray leaf spot and rusts, but Bumper also controls leaf blights and eye spot without having to go to a higher rate as with Headline. And because it contains propiconazole, the same active ingredient as in Tilt®, Bumper has preventive as well as curative activity against pathogens. If conditions are favorable for high levels of disease pressure, it’s always better to head it off than have to hope for a rescue.”

Bettner also noted that international scientific research shows that triazole-based fungicides such as Bumper have lower potential for resistance development than strobilurin-based fungicides such as Headline. “There’s a lot of promotion behind the idea of routine use of corn fungicide just for Plant Health™,” said Bettner. “However, Extension pathologists in several states have cautioned that applications of any pesticide in the absence of a specific target pest are contrary to IPM principles. MANA supports the conservative approach by Extension and their recommendations to rotate modes of action. But if a producer plans to use a corn fungicide, Bumper is the logical first choice based on the economics, the disease spectrum, and controlling fungi pre- and post-infection. Bumper just gives the grower flexibility and a wider window of application.”

The head-to-head trials in 2007 were conducted in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Tennessee. “These trials are just one aspect of how MANA field tests its products before and after they are launched so growers can be assured of the efficacy and reliability they are getting, and that they fit the way farms operate today,” Bettner added. “Our best-in-class formulations are value-priced and backed by six decades of agrichemical experience and commitment, and knowledgeable grassroots product support.”

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2007 Field Trials • Bumper® vs. Headline® • Return on Investment
Untreated Bumper® Headline®
@ 4 oz/a @ 6 oz/a
Yield (mean of all trials) bu/a 148.7 154.5 155.3
Average Yield Increase bu/a +5.8 +6.6
Corn Price $/bu $5.50 $5.50
Market Value of Yield Increase
$/a $31.90 * $36.30 *
Treatment Cost $/a $10.00 ** $17.00 **
Return on Investment 3-to-1 2-to-1
Preventive and Curative Yes No
Diseases Controlled Gray Leaf Spot



Eye Spot

Gray Leaf Spot


No statistically meaningful difference.

* Calculated from the closing price of $5.75/bu for the Dec 2008 contract on March 14th, less a local basis of $0.25/bu.

** Average Midwest Corn Belt estimated retail price per acre.


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