FMC Introduces Authority MTZ herbicide for Soybeans

Philadelphia, SEPTEMBER 10, 2007 — Soybean growers now have an effective option for residual control of key broadleaf weeds in both the fall and spring. Authority MTZ herbicide from FMC Corporation (NYSE:FMC) is a preplant treatment that controls problem weeds, resulting in a clean start for earlier planting next spring.

In addition, FMC representatives point to what they call the Flexi-Crop Advantage that Authority MTZ provides. The Flexi-Crop Advantage means that the recropping interval is only four months for corn and small grains (where Authority MTZ has been applied up to 14 oz/A). This allows producers the flexibility to adapt planting options to changing market demands, weather conditions, etc., making it easier to get the most profitability out of every acre.

Authority MTZ controls a variety of broadleaves that have exhibited resistance to glyphosate and/or ALS herbicides. In addition, when used as part of a fall burndown program, it provides unmatched residual control of a number of small seeded broadleaves and winter annual weeds including henbit, chickweed, pigweed, marestail, lambsquarters and waterhemp.

Field trials show that Authority MTZ provides excellent fall weed control and superior residual control of key weeds into the following spring. This will help growers spread out their spring workload while adding additional yield by eliminating early-season weed competition (see Figure 1 for details.)

"Flexible applications for weed control are an increasing trend as growers re-evaluate their weed management programs to minimize time and crop constraints in the spring, and achieve cleaner fields at planting time,” says Aaron Locker, product manager for FMC. "The unique Flexi-Crop Advantage of Authority MTZ allows growers to control their weeds early in the fall and still have the flexibility to change cropping decisions next spring based on commodity market trends.”

When applied as part of a fall weed management program, Authority MTZ will control early- season weeds in no-till or conservation-till fields through the next planting season. It should be applied at a rate of 10 to 14 oz/A in soil temperatures below 55 degrees. For maximum control of emerged weeds, apply Authority MTZ as a tank mix with other herbicides such as Rage D-Tech, a new burndown herbicide from FMC.

When used in spring applications, Authority MTZ controls key weeds to reduce competition and allow for more timely glyphosate application. For early preplant treatments, apply Authority MTZ 30 to 45 days before planting. For later applications (such as preplant and preemergence), Authority MTZ can be applied as late as three days after planting. For maximum results, apply Authority MTZ as a tank mix with glyphosate and/or Rage D-Tech for extra burndown punch.

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