FMC Introduces Rage™ D-Tech herbicide for Corn and Soybean Burndown Programs

Product Provides Fast, Effective Burndown and Cleaner Fields at Planting Time

Philadelphia, July 25, 2007 — A new option for quick burndown of winter annuals and other tough broadleaf weeds in multiple cropping systems is now available from FMC Corporation (NYSE:FMC). Rage™ D-Tech herbicide has received approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use in a variety of crops for fast, consistent burndown of a broad spectrum of weeds.

Rage D-Tech is an economical option for consistent control of winter annuals, including marestail, henbit, dandelion, shepherdspurse and mustards; and other broadleaf weeds, including bindweed, waterhemp, lambsquarters, velvetleaf, ragweed and smartweed. The product is labeled for use in no-till treatments in soybeans, corn, and sorghum, plus in-crop use in corn, sorghum, pasture and range grasses, and small grains, including wheat, barley, oats and rye, and as a harvest aid.

“Rage D-Tech is an integral part of a burndown program that prepares fields for planting a season ahead of time to help growers increase yields and get more for their money,” says Aaron Locker, Rage D-Tech product manager for FMC Agricultural Products. “It’s highly effective and works fast. Growers can actually see the results just a few hours after application.”

Figure 1 shows the efficacy of Rage D-Tech on burndown of kochia and puncturevine, in a trial conducted by Kansas State University. These control measurements were taken just four days after treatment. Figure 2 compares usage rates of Rage D-Tech and 2,4-D and related percent control of taller weeds just six days after treatment, in a trial conducted at the University of Nebraska. The fast-acting herbicide allows growers to plant earlier in the following season to get the most out of every acre. Two modes of action work together for complete burndown of tough, fall broadleaf weeds that will allow growers to plant into cleaner fields the following spring season.

Researchers in the Midwest and Delta regions have identified certain varieties of broadleaf weeds as glyphosate-resistant, including waterhemp, ragweed and marestail. Rage D-Tech is a viable option for growers to control these problem weeds and help maintain a clean field throughout the growing season, as shown in Figure 3.

For control of small weeds six inches tall or less, apply Rage D-Tech at a rate of 0.5 pt/A. Applied with a residual soybean herbicide in the fall, this combination provides outstanding burndown plus residual control allowing growers to spread out their work load while achieving effective weed control in a Roundup ReadyÒ soybean system. To control taller weeds such as heavy henbit, marestail, dandelion and kochia, apply Rage D-Tech at a rate of 0.75 pt/A. For in-crop applications in corn, sorghum, range grasses, and small grains, use 0.5 - 1.0 pt/A of Rage D-Tech to achieve maximum desiccation of weeds ranging in height from eight to 12 inches or taller.

Rage D-Tech is an excellent tank-mix partner, providing fast burndown of both broadleaves and grasses to save time and money. University extension representatives recommend using a combination of glyphosate and other herbicides to combat problem weeds and establish an effective weed management program. Rage D-Tech can easily transition into a rotational cropping system as part of an overall long-term management program in corn and soybeans.

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