Get Fast Knockdown and Longer Control with Hero™ Insecticide

Control a Broad Spectrum of Insect Pests in These Key Crops
• Field corn — get outstanding control of mites, corn earworm larvae, fall armyworm larvae,
bean leaf beetle and others
• Seed and sweet corn — controls mites, Western bean cutworm, corn earworm larvae, fall
armyworm larvae and more
• Cotton — stops mites and tough lepidopterous larvae
• Specific fruiting vegetables — handles mites and lepidoterous larvae in tomatoes, eggplant
and peppers
• Head lettuce and pecans — controls aphids and lepidopterous larvae
• Head and stem brassica, succulent peas and beans — stops lepidopterous larvae

Features & Benefits:
• Broad-spectrum control
means you handle a
multitude of pests with
one product
• Fast knockdown means
you stop damage before
pests cut into your
• Outstanding residual
control helps reduce the
number of times you
need to spray
• State-of-the-art
pyrethroid technology
means you get more
value for your
• Excellent plant
protection tool means
you maximize the yield
and quality of your crop

• Use 2.6 to 6.1 ounces per acre as an early pest preventative in field corn to control
tough pests such as army cutworm, bean leaf beetle, common stalk borer and many
• Apply 4 to 10.3 ounces per acre as part of your plant health program to manage
insects such as aphids, corn earworm, corn rootworm adults, Japanese beetle adults,
Southwestern corn borer, stink bugs, tobacco budworm, armyworm and more.
• For tough to control pests such as Twospotted spider mite, Banks grass mite,
Carmine mite and Lygus species, use 10.3 ounces per acre.
• Foliar or chemigation applications can be used with field, seed, popcorn or sweet
• Foliar or chemigation applications can also be used for specific fruiting vegetables,
head lettuce, succulent peas and beans, and pecans.
• There is an REI (re-entry interval) of 12 hours.
• Hero holds a signal word: Caution.
• See label for more detailed recommendations.