GPS AutoSteer™ now available for MacDon-Built SP Windrowers.

MacDon is pleased to announce that GPS AutoSteer™ is now available for MacDon-Built M and 9000 Series SP Windrowers. Custom-fit by AutoFarm to provide a factory-installed look, GPS AutoSteer™ gives MacDon windrower owners high-accuracy machine control for greater productivity in all conditions, including fog, dust, heat and darkness. It can be used with WAAS, OmniSTAR (DGPS) or RTK signals at speeds up to 11 MPH.

One key benefit of the exceptional machine control obtained with GPS AutoSteer™ is that it makes it easier to maintain a continuously full header for more acres per hour – resulting in faster harvesting and reduced fuel consumption. Operators are able to quickly and easily line up for the next pass thanks to the unit’s rapid line acquisition through GPS positioning. The unit’s GPS capabilities also allows operators to obtain more uniform windrows, providing more predictable drying as well as easier and faster baling, chopping and consistent uniform windrows for pick up by combine.

Drivers of MacDon-Built windrowers with GPS AutoSteer™ will enjoy reduced operator stress and fatigue thanks to the unit’s hands-free steering. Not only can windrowing be done hands free: all subsequent operations – such as baling, forage harvesting and combining – may use the same heading, allowing for fully hand-free harvesting operation.

AutoSteer™ software is easily adaptable to specific field conditions – with parallel swathing or pivot applications allowing for harvesting in straight A-B lines, curved paths or circles. It features a modular design and can be easily transferred to other tractors, sprayers or combines using optional switch kits.

Currently, GPS AutoSteer™ is optional on all MacDon-Built M and 9000 Series SP Windrowers and is available through AutoFarm. A factory-installed remote engage switch will be standard on all 2009 models and optional on prior year models.

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