Growers Appreciate Tough Broadleaf Control

Philadelphia, PA – July 8, 2010 – Growers and retailers gathered at the 2010 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Ky., to discuss weed management strategies to protect profitability. Knowing that a tough weed season is ahead, they talked about ways to achieve effective weed control and manage resistance in postemergence applications.

The panel, sponsored by FMC Corporation, noted that flexible application rates for both corn and soybean use is important when choosing a herbicide. Cadet® herbicide from FMC Corporation, delivers the flexibility needed and superior control of velvetleaf at low rates. When tank mixed with glyphosate, Cadet also adds value controlling tolerant or resistant pigweed, lambsquarters, waterhemp and nightshade. It is a reliable tank-mix partner with glyphosate and a variety of other herbicides to provide a more cost-effective, broad-spectrum control.

“It is money well spent; it really is,” says grower Wade Wilson from Olney, Ill., discussing Cadet. “When I go back with glyphosate, there will be Cadet in the tank, every time.”

Eric Chapman of Wilson Fertilizer in Brook, Ind., said he appreciated the economic benefit of using Cadet. Cadet increases the performance of glyphosate and delivers effective broad-spectrum control. “We can more economically add Cadet to the tank mix, rather than kicking our Roundup® rate up,” he said. “It was death on velvetleaf, death on lambsquarters. It was great.”

As growers look to manage weed resistance, Cadet® offers the added benefit of an additional mode of action, for more complete control.

“For example, if you have some glyphosate-tolerant or even glyphosate-resistant water hemp or lambsquarters, if you spray glyphosate alone, we’re not killing the weed,” Chapman said. “We throw in that rate of Cadet, tank mix it together, and we’ve got our weed problem taken care of. We don’t have to worry so much about glyphosate-resistant weeds out in our field; we’re killing them now.” See the Cadet label for application recommendations including weeds size and spray solution volume.