Growers have many reasons to count on their 2010 returns with Headline® fungicide from BASF

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, December 1, 2009 – For the 2010 growing season, growers using Headline® fungicide will receive returns on their investment in multiple ways.

Excellent disease control

Headline fungicide provides excellent disease control, protecting yield loss and growers’ investment in seed, fertilizer and other crop protection inputs. A broad-spectrum fungicide with a high level of activity on major diseases that threaten yield and crop quality, Headline is used to protect more than 90 crops including corn, soybeans and wheat, and controls more than 50 diseases.

“Since plants treated with Headline aren't wasting energy fighting off disease, they have more energy to spend on growth and yield production,” said Reed Barrett, Market Manager for BASF.

Plant Health benefits

Not only does Headline provide excellent disease control, it also promotes improved stress tolerance and improved growth efficiency through better use of nitrogen fertilizer. The benefits of Headline mean healthier plants and higher yield potential.

“Growers who use Headline for disease control report more vigorous plant growth and stress tolerance advantages such as better standability and improved harvest — helping to increase yield,” Barrett said.

In more than 6,000 on-farm trials in the past five years, growers using Headline realized a yield advantage of 4-8 bu/A in soybeans, 12-16 bu/A in corn and 8-12 bu/A in cereals.

Headline Advantage available for 2010 purchases

Growers purchasing Headline fungicide for the 2010 season can be eligible for up to $100 back per gallon directly from BASF.

“In these economic times, we realize that growers need to get the most out of every acre,” Barrett said. “On-farm trials and research have proven that Headline helps maximize yield potential.”

Headline Advantage offers qualified growers who purchase Headline for the 2010 season potential returns for every gallon purchased:

  • If purchased by Feb. 15, growers receive $100 per gallon back
  • If purchased by May 15, growers receive $75 per gallon back
  • If purchased by Aug. 15, growers receive $50 per gallon back

To qualify for Headline Advantage, or to learn more about the details of this offer, go to, or ask a local authorized BASF retailer.

Bottom line – Headline pays

Headline fungicide provides growers with a return on their investment on many levels,” Barrett said. “Excellent disease control, Plant Health benefits, more efficient harvest, maximum yield potential, and Headline Advantage are all reasons for growers to use Headline in 2010.”

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